The Mayan Factor - In Lake 'Ch

at lunes, noviembre 30, 2009

2003. USA
Post-Grunge/Alternative Rock

Forget about the tags I've just put above and let me give a more informal yet precise band classification. The Mayan Factor is Alternative Acoustic Tribal Rock. All of that in a kind of obscure, hauntingly intense mood.

In Lake 'Ch is the first of their two full albums before they disbanded few years ago. It's a very interesting recording to dig into that resembles a lot from the 90's rock but in a surprisingly innovative kind. It features a singer that has the special ability of being both Wes Scantlin and Fred Durst with a slight change of voicing. May sound stupid... well listen to the record.


  • Beauty And The Beast: Beautiful track, epic chorus, intense.
  • Song of Sam - Prophecy: Song of Sam (here's Wes) - Prophecy (there's Fred)

  1. Warflower
  2. Aim For The Sky
  3. Nothing Really
  4. Beauty And The Beast
  5. Foreplay
  6. Song of Sam - Prophecy
  7. Going to Pieces
  8. Focus - Reborn


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