Pink Floyd - Pulse

at miércoles, diciembre 02, 2009

1995. England
Progressive Rock/Psychedelic Rock

What can I say about Pink Floyd... English pioneers of what we call today Progressive Rock. Responsibles for a genuine style of playing and creating music that carries a legacy that will last forever in music. Key influence in thousands of great bands playing nowadays, such as Muse, The Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and almost every Rock band alive.

Pulse is a live album released in 1995 by the band. I've been re-listening to it lately and it's such an inmortal piece of music to listen to. Features a compound of songs from many of their albums and some of their greatest hits, though is not a term that I like to apply to such a band.

Atmospheric, eclectic, inspiring, enthralling, neat are some of the thousands of adjectives that could describe this band but it wouldn't be enough. Pink Floyd - Pulse, one of the most amazing live albums ever, ENJOY :)


  • Shine On You, Crazy Diamond: YES. The entire song live, don't have to be sticking parts together, one of the greatest Pink Floyd tracks ever.
  • What Do You Want From Me: What do you want from me¿?!
  • Money: Collosal version of the epic tune.


01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
02. Astronomy Domine
03. What Do You Want From Me
04. Learning To Fly
05. Keep Talking
06. Coming Back To Life
07. Hey You
08. A Great Day For Freedom
09. Sorrow
10. High Hopes
11. Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two)


12. Speak To Me
13. Breathe
14. On The Run
15. Time
16. The Great Gig In The Sky
17. Money
18. Us And Them
19. Any Colour You Like
20. Brain Damage
21. Eclipse
22. Wish You Were Here
23. Comfortably Numb
24. Run Like Hell

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  1. RoyuX Says:

    Ufffff, telita el disco este... hardwood classics!!!

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