The Cooper Temple Clause - Make This Your Own

at miércoles, noviembre 18, 2009

2003. England
Alternative Rock/Indie

Sadly disbanded english group The Cooper Temple Clause was an alternative rock sextet that put their own stamp into the wide alternative rock concept with a sound of their own. This sound absorbs influence from genres such as Classic Rock, Brit Pop, Experimental Rock and even Progressive Rock.
Make This Your Own is their latest album, and collects all the maturity the band reached from their prime album in five years of life. The album is a journey through the many faces of this band, from the start, rock n' roll straight in your face tunes (Damage, Homo Sapiens) onto the more electronic, commercial sound (Waiting Game, What Have You Gone And Done) evoluting to more disperse, ambiguous and multi-faceted songs such as All I See Is You and the charming House of Cards which closes the album. 

  • Homo Sapiens: Awesome rock n' roll track, badass.
  • House Of Cards: The other side of the coin, soft, charming and nostalgic, beautiful track, great vocals work.

  1. "Damage" - 3:43
  2. "Homo Sapiens" - 3:26
  3. "Head" - 3:52
  4. "Connect" - 4:09
  5. "Waiting Game" - 3:33
  6. "Once More With Feeling" - 3:16
  7. "What Have You Gone And Done?" - 3:56
  8. "Take Comfort" - 4:21
  9. "All I See Is You" - 6:43
  10. "Isn't It Strange" - 4:34
  11. "House Of Cards" - 5:03


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