Doves - Lost Souls

at jueves, noviembre 26, 2009

2000. England
Indie/Alternative Rock

Not the average indie band. That's the headline I get every time I think in Manchester based band Doves. Without disrispect to the genre, the sound of this Indie tagged band goes way beyond the so called style.

Lost Souls is their first edited album about to reach it's 10th anniversary, deserving a rendition I post it up.

Melancholic and dark, though alluring and accessible, Lost Souls is indeed a chant to what the title points out. Songs for the lost, adrift, or simply pensive. Reflexions that draw the foggy and gloomy city of their sound.

An intense blend of many elements from Indie to Electronic, through Rock and Brit Pop, in the absorbing Doves atmosphere of the lost and despaired. A  MUSTerpiece.


  • Firesuite: Obsessibely inmersive, melancholic and captivating, inspiring instrumental. Top Class.
  • Sea Song
  • Catch The Sun
  • The Man Who Told Everything: THE musical representation of melancholy.

  1. "Firesuite" – 4:36
  2. "Here It Comes" – 4:50
  3. "Break Me Gently" – 4:38
  4. "Sea Song" – 6:12
  5. "Rise" – 5:38
  6. "Lost Souls" – 6:09
  7. "Melody Calls" – 3:27
  8. "Catch the Sun" – 4:49
  9. "The Man Who Told Everything" – 5:47
  10. "The Cedar Room" – 7:38
  11. "Reprise" – 1:45
  12. "A House" – 3:40


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