Demians - Building an Empire

at miércoles, noviembre 11, 2009

2008. France
Progressive Rock

Frenchman Nicolas Chapel founded it's own solo project Demians with, as he says, 'naive approach', though given it's success it would eventually become a real band with musicians chosen by his own.

Appraised by Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson, Building an Empire it's one of those albums that gives your low expectations in the newbie a smack across the face. The one most surprising fact that comes straight out of it is the quality of it's production. And I mention this because many long time bands would strive to archieve the sound that Chapel has archieved with one bullet. It seriously sounds as if they've been around for years.

The album is a very melodic and shiny polished yet variated passage that has everything from the direct and uplifting 'Naive' to the long spiritual 'Sand'. A MUST to any avid 21st century prog listener. Pretty sure Demians will be around for a long time.

  • The Perfect Symmetry: Introduction theme to the album, majestic.
  • Shine: 3 minutes is enough to Chapel to go from beautiful harmonic acoustic melodies to a riff that will crush your soul.

  1. The Perfect Symmetry 9:19
  2. Shine 3:17
  3. Sapphire 7:28
  4. Naive 4:54
  5. Unspoken 5:59
  6. Temple 3:05
  7. Empire 6:32
  8. Sand 16:09


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  2. PeteRucci Says:

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    Thank you for noticing!!

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