Jazzanova - Of All The Things

at domingo, noviembre 29, 2009

2008. Germany

Berlin collective Jazzanova is a project embarked by six DJ/producers seeking to explore and put into the mix many different styles into a jazzy-electronic outfit.

Specialists in the art of the remix, Of All The Things is only their second self-written album contrasting with the more than 30 releases they have remixing others. Not considering the dozens of appearances in some of the most acclaimed and finest nu-jazz, chillout and electronic compilations out there.

For what the album refers, it deploys a sensational mix of Soul in their Nu-Jazzy and electronic dressing that will take you back to the 70's not having to move from the XXI century. Every song features voice contrasting to their many past instrumental releases, and seriously they really don't throw anything out on this one, it's just right on spot.

It draws not only from Soul which could be the general tone of the album but also from Hip-Hop, BossaNova, Jazz, Pop and whatever these germans could put in the box. It's quite remarkable that the album regardless of featuring so many different voices and styles into it resembles a huge feeling of uniformity, and it won't be long before you think about the Of All The Things style.

Over all of the words that could describe this fantastic album I would highligh quality. Whatever spot they move onto they do it thoroughly and giving until the last bit into it. It's not Jazzanova visiting, covering or remixing Soul. It's Jazzanova reinventing Soul.

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.


  • Look What You're Doin' To Me
  • Little Bird
  • Dial a Cliché

  1. Look What You're Doin' to Me
  2. Let Me Show Ya
  3. I Can See
  4. Lie
  5. Little Bird
  6. Rockin' You Eternally
  7. So Far from Home
  8. What Do You Want?
  9. Lucky Girl
  10. Gafiera
  11. Morning Scapes
  12. Dial a Cliché


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