The Dear Hunter - Act III: Life And Death

at miércoles, noviembre 25, 2009

2009. USA
Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock

The Dear Hunter is a project led by talented Casey Crescenzo. The band's sound is a unique combination (very difficult to describe, though very easy to identify) of alternative and progressive rock, with a very wide instrumentation, outstanding voicing and use of harmony, and somewhat visual and theatrical.

This band is one of those for which writing good songs comes just naturally. Act III  comes filled up with 18 exciting tunes that bright for their variety though uniformity towards the band's own stamp. As many might had an easy guess Act III: Life And Death is the 3rd part of a 6 part suite that follows the timeline of an inspiring and entertaining story written by singer Casey. The tale continues to tell the story of 'The Boy' in a journey of self-discovery. And to tell it, the theatrical TDH trademark style comes in scene, which makes lyrics + music one of those perfect fits inseparable. The Dear Hunter is the XXI century mutation of the medieval storyteller put up in a prog rock fashion.

And let me say of this band that they seem to be like good wine getting better and better with years. Act III: Life And Death is the living proof that this band's style has already a footprint to follow in the scene, and that the records to come do not point out any step back in their short but fantastic career to date.

  •  What it Means to be Alone
  • The Poison Woman
  • Saved 

01. Writing On a Wall
02. In Cauda Venemum
03. Transition 1
04. What It Means to Be Alone
05. Transition 2
06. The Tank
07. Transition 3
08. The Poison Woman
09. The Thief
10. Mustard Gas
11. Saved
12. Transition 4
13. He Said He Had a Story
14. This Beautiful Life
15. Go Get Your Gun
16. Son
17. Father
18. Life and Death

"I feel like we are one of the, proportionally, few bands that like to write records: long form art.  The single format is killing what music is about.  If music is about self-expression then there shouldn’t be a time limit."
Casey Crescenzo



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