Pain Of Salvation - The Perfect Element I

at viernes, noviembre 27, 2009

2000. Sweeden
Progressive Metal/Progressive Rock

Pain Of Salvation is an outstanding Progressive Metal band from Sweeden leaded by  mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw, who started the band at the age of 11. They are amongst other things responsible of maintaining the forgotten spirit of the conceptual album alive, as every album release of theirs is a unique statement musically and conceptually.

I have to say I'm very much in love with this band and objectivity might be lost times... I'll try hard.

The Perfect Element I is their 3rd studio album. It conceptually deals with the individual, adolescence and one struggling fighting against oneself. From beginning to end it features a superlative composition and dynamics. Maintaining melody at all matters, the permanent dance between the soft and the heavy side of the band is represented thoroughly in the album, and both are absolutely necessary and phenomenal. The greater tunes probably come when both sides coalesce in the epicness this bands emanates in massive loads, Song For The Innocent or Ashes could be easy examples of this.

To highlight evidently is the voice arrangements of Gildenlöw. The sweede, who actually won a best singer award at a very early age, deploys a magnificent performance in vocals which gives the nice instrumental the perfect climax that needs. Also the soloing it's always a great plus to this band, smooth.

  • Used: Hardcore track, amongst fans favourites, powerful and featuring one of the greatest endings I've heard.
  • In The Flesh: Probably the most complete track of the album, and each new part that comes up only makes the song better and better. All time favourite. Limitless.
  • Morning on Earth: Wonderful and delicate ballad that reminds lullabies.
  • The Perfect Element: PoS closures always spotlight, that may be a blog rule from now on...
1. "Used" - 5:23
2. "In the Flesh" - 8:36
3. "Ashes" - 4:28
4. "Morning on Earth" - 4:34
5. "Idioglossia" - 8:29
6. "Her Voices" – 7:56
7. "Dedication" – 4:00
8. "King of Loss" – 9:46
9. "Reconciliation" – 4:24
10. "Song for the Innocent" – 3:02
11. "Falling" – 1:50
12. "The Perfect Element" – 10:09


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