Opeth - Ghost Reveries

at domingo, noviembre 15, 2009

2005. Sweeden
Progressive Metal

And then Mikael Akerdfeldt came into the metal scene. Tagging a band like Opeth into one genre is a useless effort of trying to englobe what is a mashup of all things going around this swede genious head, including Metal, Rock, Jazz, Classic Rock, Death Metal.. put up in a prog manner and given the dressing of the obscure and dark classic Opeth appeal.

Saying 2005 Ghost Reveries is their own masterpiece is falling short, because it would have to be dropped in one of all time metal masterpieces. Really don't know where to start and where to end.. the album is an epic journey through the dark side, that takes form in the classic trademark 10-12 minute Opeth manner, with the aid of other 4 shorter that help the way through in a Damnation modus. It's a mash-up of stunning never-ending riffs, nostalgic dark melodies, instrumental madness, acoustic pleasure, the-revival-of-the-arpeggio, and some of the most tasty and soulful solos you'll ever find (Akerfeldt masters this somehow).

This is an obligated listen I would say not only to any metalhead, but to any general music seeker. Even if you said you only liked Maiden or if you are the kind of listener that thinks screams ruin songs. Take the time and listen to some of the songs here and It'll be worth the time.

  • Ghost of Perdition: Majestic
  • The Baying of the Hounds: Majestic (II)
  • Reverie/Harlekin Forest: Majestic (III)

  1. Ghost of perdition (10.29)
  2. The baying of the hounds (10.41)
  3. Beneath the mire (7.57)
  4. Atonement(5.20)
  5. Reverie/Harlequin forest (12.39)
  6. Hours of wealth(5.20)
  7. The grand conjuration(10.21)
  8. Isolation years(3.51)


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