The CineMatic Orchestra - Man With a Movie Camera

at viernes, noviembre 13, 2009

2003. England

Soviet film pioneer Dziga Vertov would've never expected when shooting his motion picture Man With a Movie Camera (1929) that even 70 years later bands like British CineMatic Orchestra would still be trying to reinterpret the score for his film (original score for the film was only interpreted live in theaters as at the time it was recorded silent).

This British band is as defined 'jazz and electronic outfit', and it's surely one of the most classy and unique bands out there, not only their music gives reason to this, but the whole world created around them says so, their artwork, live performances and so on.

Man With a Movie Camera is an elegant and variated score that dances in between a base of jazz and the electronic and modern colours that the band paints on top of it. It's today considered to be one of the gems of nu-jazz and to many fans their band's favourite.


  • Reel Life (Evolution II): Waves of wind instruments come and go like breathing in an out across a stunning drum groove, a song to close your eyes and dream to, top class.
  • Awakening of a Woman: Reinterpretation of their song Burnout, slight changes but still the same amazing CineMatic tune.

  1. "The Projectionist" – 0:06
  2. "Melody" – 0:20
  3. "Dawn" – 4:00
  4. "The Awakening of a Woman (Burnout)" – 10:20
  5. "Reel Life (Evolution II)" – 6:57
  6. "Postlude" – 1:45
  7. "Evolution (Versao Portuense)" – 5:47
  8. "Work It! (Man with the Movie Camera)" – 8:05
  9. "Voyage" – 0:22
  10. "Odessa" – 2:05
  11. "Theme de Yoyo" – 2:20
  12. "The Magician" – 2:26
  13. "Theme Reprise" – 2:53
  14. "Yoyo Waltz" – 1:17
  15. "Drunken Tune" – 4:50
  16. "The Animated Tripod" – 1:12
  17. "All Things" – 6:06


    1. Alberto Says:

      tu esto me ha salido rico

    2. PeteRucci Says:

      Si sñor Albertis me alegro de que te haya molado es música muy exquisita la de estos

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