Oceansize - Frames

at martes, noviembre 10, 2009

2007. England
Progressive Rock / Post-Rock

With origin in Manchester, Oceansize is one of the most interesting and versatile bands of  prog rock of our time.

Their natural ability to balance their music between the thoroughly complex and the inherentlty passionate has given them the key to reach a very wide range of listeners from all time prog and alt rock fans to the very occasional. Frames proves the band in the first statement with an album that does not present 4/4 figures at all and does again with the second with fragile melodies such as 'Savant' or 'The Frame'.

I won't exaggerate saying that this album is the best Progressive Rock album I've heard in the last two years. It resembles perfection in almost every aspect and leaves the rock creativity standard as high as very few can aspire. It's compound of an exquisite selection of tracks each one grown in it's own mood and personality, with apparently no relation between them but indeed all. From the most agressive to the most soothing Frames collects every side of this genious band and takes it to another level. Oceansize wins again.

  • An Old Friend of the Christy's: Totally non-categorizable song that could easily fit in any good old war film such as Kubrik's Paths of Glory. An outstanding versatility statement.
  • Only Twin: Polirythmic and ear tricky, will not let you make sense of it at first listen.
  • Savant: One of the most beautiful tracks ever heard, still I ask how can it possibly be so complex at the same time. 

1. Commemorative 9/11 T-Shirt
2. Unfamilliar
3. Trail of Fire
4. Savant
5. Only Twin
6. An Old Friend Of The Chrysty's
7. Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions
8. The Frame

9. Vorhees
"Let's just not make singles" Mike Vennart on Frames


  1. antón Says:

    This album is simply perfect. I totally agree with you: 10/10. In addition i would remark the song Savant as one of the most delicate and beautiful works i've found lately.

    Congrats for the blog!!

  2. PeteRucci Says:

    Don't really know why I didn't highlighted that song, as you say it's a piece of art totally agree,

    Definitely should add that :D


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