Alter Bridge - Live From Amsterdam

at jueves, diciembre 03, 2009

2009. USA
Alternative Rock/Metal

It was 2004 when former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti deserved a new challenge after years of shred and talent deprival. Him with two former Creed colleagues Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips would join and find in Myles Kennedy the perfect fit singer to complete Alter Bridge. This amazing collision of talents is to date probably the best exponent of Alternative Rock of our time.

After two mind-blowing albums released Live From Amsterdam is a DVD/CD live album that features a selecion of tracks from both past records plus a few surprises.

Alter Bridge takes inspiration in 70's rock living myths such as Led Zepellin or AC/DC and spices it up with Metal, outstanding riffing, sweet shredding, prodigious sense of melody and one of the greatest voices out there, Myles Kennedy.

01 - Intro
02 - Come To Life
03 - Find The Real
04 - Before Tomorrow Comes
05 - Brand New Start
06 - White Knuckles
07 - Buried Alive
08 - Coming Home
09 - One Day Remains
10 - Watch Over You
11 - Ties That Bind
12 - Blackbird
13 - In Loving Memory
14 - Metalingus
15 - Open Your Eyes
16 - Broken Wings
17 - New Way To Live
18 - Traveling Riverside Blues
19 - Rise Today


  1. RoyuX Says:

    Oh dios mio, ignoraba la existencia de esto... no tengo palabras para describirlo...JODIDA RICURA!!!

  2. Fusion Fan Says:

    Congratulations for the blog and selection. Fusion Fan

  3. PeteRucci Says:

    Thanks and welcome anytime!!

  4. RoyuX Says:


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