Jon Hopkins - Insides

at miércoles, diciembre 09, 2009

2008. England

Jon Hopkins is an acclaimed musician, shapeshifter and producer, known for his work with several artists such as Coldplay, Massive Attack, Brian Eno or Imogean Heap. His own releases vary in styles and are electronic craftsmaship. Work where he explores the possibilities in between his head and his computer and makes it real.

Insides touches many sounds and vibes, from eclectic piano melodies, to nasty bass tracks; from incisive drum samples, to gorgeous buildups and swifts. All together in a modern electronic outfit with a master polished production.


  • The Wider Sun: Probably the most distinct track of the album, beautiful unique piece of evolving music.
  • Vessel
  • Light Through the Veins: If you heard Coldplay's Viva la Vida this will be familiar.
  • The Lower Places

1. The Wider Sun
2. Vessel
3. Insides
4. Wire
5. Colour Eye
6. Light Through The Veins
7. The Lower Places
8. Small Memory
9. A Drifting Up
10. Autumn Hill 


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