Exivious - Exivious

at sábado, diciembre 26, 2009

2009. USA/Netherlands
Progressive Metal/Fusion

Featuring musicians from both the best of past and present of Prog Metal (Cynic, Textures), Exivious is a superband playing Instrumental Prog Metal with a unique Fusion flavor on top of it. The project is quite recent and it comes to accomplish a vision that Cynic guitarist Tymon had several years ago in marrying these genres into one. Explosive, intense, mystic complex and precise it may be the door for a new genre in metal.


  • Ripple Of A Tear
  • All That Surrounds
  • Embrace The Unknown

  1. "Ripple of a Tear" 7:30
  2. "Time and Its Changes" 4:39
  3. "Asurim" 5:31
  4. "All That Surrounds pt.1" 3:38
  5. "Waves of Thought" 6:24
  6. "The Path" 5:45
  7. "All That Surrounds pt.2" 3:39
  8. "Embrace the Unknown" 4:44
  9. "An Elusive Need" 4:39


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