Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring

at martes, diciembre 22, 2009

2007. England
Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal

Porcupine Tree is the band led by mastermind musician and producer Steven Wilson, probably one of the most relevant figures in Prog Rock nowadays. The band is his foremost project out of the endless he's involved in.

Talking about this band is talking about the face of Progressive Rock today. Their evolution from psychedelic rock approach onto the lands of Prog Metal sets a direction that has been extremely fruitful for the English quartet, now on the pinnacle of their career. Notable to say is the presence in this band from In Absentia on of Gavin Harrison, probably one of the most interesting (not to say the most) and versatile drummers of our time. Ridiculously smooth at this thing.

Nil Recurring is a 4-song EP released right after their acclaimed Fear Of A Blank Planet and it's in all senses a continuation of this one in style, sound and thematic. A stunning 4-songs that not released would've been a total loss to music, and that after several listens feels as necessary as FOABP for it's phenomenal song-writting and habitual collossal production.What's actually strange to me is that songs of this quality actually ran out of the album being "not up to the standards"... well PT standard is indeed a H I G H standard.


  • Nil Recurring
  • Normal: With excerpts from Sentimental, give's an extra sense to the fantastic melody.
  • Cheating The Polygraph
  • What Happens Now?: GAVIN HARRISON

  1. Nil Recurring (6:08)
  2. Normal (7:08)
  3. Cheating The Polygraph (7:06)
  4. What Happens Now? (8:24)

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