M83 - Saturdays = Youth

at lunes, diciembre 07, 2009

2008. France

M83 is a french band led by frenchman Anthony Gonzalez. It's sound is a mix of Shoegaze and Electronic music built with reverbs and synthetizers all around in a kind of dreamy/hazy atmosphere.

Saturdays = Youth is their 5th album already and one of the most interesting electronic albums I heard last year. Is very dense, enigmatic and melody focused. For don't know what reason this music gives me a deep sense of nostalgia, and for it's usage of similar samplers as Vangelis Blade Runner OST (btw an outstanding score that I'll cover at some point) it resembles a glimpse of futuristic cities of 80's movies, a very strange touch between past and present... Very weird and therefore difficult to explain but definitely special and pleasant.

Lot of imagery comes from listening to this music: Neon lights, old lomo pictures, nightscapes... Kind of stylish and well-dressed, M83 hits the right key with this one.

  • You, Appearing
  • Skin of the Night
  • Midnight Souls Still Remain: Endless loop of dreamy soundscapes

  1. "You, Appearing"
  2. "Kim & Jessie"
  3. "Skin of the Night"
  4. "Graveyard Girl"
  5. "Couleurs"
  6. Up!"
  7. "We Own the Sky"
  8. "Highway of Endless Dreams"
  9. "Too Late"
  10. "Dark Moves of Love"
  11. "Midnight Souls Still Remain"


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