Acoustic Alchemy - This Way

at viernes, diciembre 18, 2009

2007. England
Smooth Jazz/Acoustic

Acoustic Alchemy is a band currently fronted by guitarist Greg Carmichael but through which long life have passed plenty of musicians. They base their sound in their original motto of a dance between Acoustic and Nylon guitars playing around jazzy smooth melodies.

This Way, released in 2007, is already their 16th release in their fruitful and respected career. It is an amazing album that preserves the classic band's approach but introducing many fresh electronic arrangements that gets this fantastic setup onto a whole new level. Uplifting, relaxing and with a better than ever production it is definitely an album to love.


  • Who Knows
  • Out of Nowhere
  • This Way

  1. Love is All There Is
  2. Ernie
  3. Who Knows
  4. Slampop
  5. Out of Nowhere
  6. This Way
  7. Tied Up with String
  8. Only in my Dreams
  9. Carlos The King
  10. Egg
  11. Now I'm on my Way

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