Jaga Jazzist - One Armed Bandit

at viernes, enero 29, 2010

2010. Norway

Jaga Jazzist is a norwegian multi-faceted and innovative jazz band, known to put together instruments and sounds from many different genres together into a modern jazz dressing with many other different flavours.

The band is also known for having a very flexible setup in which over more than 20 musicians have participated, incorporating and giving each effort a different feel.

So comes 2010 with the first of my own big yearly releases. One Armed Bandit is released no other than 5 years after the Post-rocky and less electronic What We Must. It comes with a bunch of rather long songs willing to continue breaking through in the guts of Jazz and music in general. Wide instrumentation as always, style variety and almost ambiguity (in a good sense) and of course zillions of things happening remain a constant of this fantastic and very unique band.

  • Toccata: Polyrithmic and INTENSE.
  • 220 V / Spektral

1. The Thing Introduces...
2. One-Armed Bandit
3. Banafleur Overalt
4. 220 V / Spektral
5. Toccata
6. Prognissekongen
7. Book of Glass
8. Music! Dance! Drama!
9. Touch of Evil


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