Incubus - Look Alive (CD)

at sábado, enero 09, 2010

2007. USA
Alternative Rock

Calabasas (California) based band Incubus is an Alternative Rock band, tag that fits quite adjusted to this acclaimed band that has built its own unique style over the years. It is also a band that has massively evolved since it's origins, where a rastafari Brandon Boyd would lead an Alternative Funk Metal band to nowadays, since the band has already matured and sealed their style.

As it is a fairly known band, i've been thinking of posting up this CD, which I think is one hidden gem of the California quintet. It's a bonus CD released with their recent DVD entitled the same. Some of the songs are used as a soundtrack to the latest, and some are live previously unreleased live performances.

It's an amazing CD where although it may have been composed in days shows quite fairly the versatility that this band carries besides being a commercial standard in Alternative Rock. Two things that I personally think are VERY hardly sustainable together and if so not for too long.

La La La Zoom Zoom Zoom is a Bossanova tune spiced up with some sexy accent Brazilian women speech. Beach Blanket Beatdown is a funky track that could've easily been in the Starsky n' Hutch soundtrack. Dance in a Triangle is a exclusively percussive song that dresses up the band in a tribal suit. Seriously, is like the band had decided to cover every single style they wanted to. And they do it extremely smooth.


  • La La La Zoom Zoom Zoom
  • Midnight Swim
  • Beach Blanket Beatdown
  • Golden
  • Here In My Room (Instrumental)

  1. Pathogens Born of Wormy Interludes - 11:19
  2. La La La Zoom Zoom Zoom - 3:10
  3. Get Your Pants and GO! - 3:00
  4. Beach Blanket Beatdown - 3:13
  5. Midnight Swim - 1:53
  6. Soft Sculpture - 3:57
  7. Cloudeater - 4:04
  8. Dance in a Triangle - 4:19
  9. Here in My Room - 3:43
  10. Hugs Not Drugs - 0:39
  11. Golden - 5:15
  12. Quicksand - 3:23
  13. A Kiss to Send Us Off - 4:33
  14. Look Alive - 4:17
  15. Nebula - 3:56
  16. Rogues - 3:56
  17. Punch Drunk - 6:06


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