Mr. Woodnote - Winter of Woodshed

at jueves, enero 14, 2010

2009. England

Mr Woodnote is the alias taken by this Australian musician from the very urban side of jazz. His music blends flawless sax tunes, hip-hop and beatbox rythms and some electronic arrangements. Throughout the CD he's with the collaboration from many other artists from the scene including DubFX.

I post up a video of both playing in the street. AMAZING to see these guys live performances, very recommended:

  • Busted
  • Alt Etude
  • Woodshed

1. Busted | ft. K.P
2. Alt-Etude
3. The Gift | ft. LilRhys
4. Bring Back
5. Interlude Double Bass Jam
6. Get Down | ft. Dub fx, LilRyhs, Theo Weywood & The Flower Fairy
7. Woodshed | ft. LilRhys
8. Stories| | ft. LilRhys
9. Monkey | ft. Theo Weywood & Dub fx
10. Redman
11. Little Bit More | ft. Dub fx, Monsoon & Lyric
12. In with Flynn

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