Oceansize - Music For Nurses EP

at martes, febrero 02, 2010

2004. England
Progressive Rock/Post-Rock

Oceansize is a difficultly categorizable band from Manchester, England. With root in Rock and influence drawn from tons of other styles, they've managed to create a trademark sound that is as melodic and subtle as complex and apparently chaotic. And somehow they  get everything together.

Music For Nurses EP is released a year after their first entire release Effloresce. After having heard it plenty of times it's five songs sound as one; and although being short, I can draw so much personality out of this fantastic EP. It starts aggresive, rapid and direct; it suddenly soothes and goes atmospheric and post-rock at it's best. It finally grows strong, melodic and epic. Stunning.

  1. "One out of None" (5:40)
  2. "Paper Champion" (5:45)
  3. "Drag the 'Nal" (1:45)
  4. "Dead Dogs an' All Sorts" (4:44)
  5. "As The Smoke Clears" (7:05)

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  1. Aracem Says:

    This group are fucking awesome. I love them

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