Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms

at domingo, mayo 02, 2010
Thanks E.Burgos!!
2009. Canada

Keywords: Incredibly variated and dynamic songwriting from classical to folk compositions, unique and special sound, inventive and ingenious recording, specially percussion tracks; plain great quality music.

*Notable to say, Patrick Watson collaborated in the fantastic last Cinematic Orchestra album Ma Fleur

1. Firewood
2. Tracy's Waters ****
3. Beijing
4. Wooden Arms ****
5. Hommage ****
6. Traveling Salesman
7. Big Bird in a Small Cage
8. Down at the Beach
9. Man Like You
10. Where The Wild Things Are
11. Machinery of the Heavens

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  1. Nowadays It´s really hard to find artist as Patrick Watson in the music panorama. Is one of those artist who is not afraid showing his work such as it is. If you can I recommend all of you guys to follow this musician because he can give us a lot days of musical orgasm. There are some critics and comments about him and all of them are good. they compared in some ways with Anthony Hegarty, Rufus Wainwright and even with Jeff Buckley. Those artist excepting the last one who is dead but he composed one of the album that I would take if I have to travel to a desert island, are in this time the most innovate and vanguardist all over the world and they are changing the concept of mucic and beauty. Hope that Patrick will continue his career as good as those artist. Congrats for your choice and your blog. Continue working on it!

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